Healthy, whole-body exercise

Footbiking involves the whole body, strengthening and toning all the main muscle groups

When you ride your CRUSSIS footbike, you’ll be strengthening muscles, tendons and other connective tissue in your legs, back and abdomen. When you ride with a good rebound technique, you’ll also be strengthening and shaping the arms and shoulders, particularly the biceps, triceps and deltoid muscle. At the same time, of course, you are toning and shaping these muscle groups, which makes you look better along with feeling stronger and healthier.

Footbiking can also be great aerobic exercise, when you ride vigorously enough to get your heart rate into your “target zone”. That means that it can combine with a healthy diet to help you lose or maintain weight and have fun doing it! Even 20 minutes a day can make a real difference.

Of course, if you ride energetically for a longer period, you can really burn the calories – as much as 400–500 per hour. That’s pretty close to the total of a McDonald’s Big Mac hamburger (540 calories) and as much or more than a Bananas Foster Milkshake at Baskin-Robbins (450 calories). That’s a lot of calories!

Finally, riding a CRUSSIS footbike is one of the best activities there is to promote healthy veins in the calves and the arch of the foot. Doctors who specialize in varicose veins and other diseases and disorders of the veins (“phlebologists”) say that the right kind of exercise is “the #1 healthy vein principle”. Footbike riding provides the same important benefits as running or jogging, without the danger of adverse effects on the joints, because there is virtually no damaging impact when riding your footbike.

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