All about Panasonic motors

Panasonic prides itself on its long tradition in the motor industry,
which are characterised by high quality and advanced technology.

Here we present the key features and benefits of Panasonic motors, which are the ideal choice for e-MTBs (electric mountain bikes). Panasonic offers top-of-the-line mid-motors that are known for their Japanese quality. A key feature of these motors is the integrated control unit and torsion sensor, which ensure excellent performance and reliability.

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GX Ultimate

Experience the ultimate Japanese powertrain for your e-bike with the PANASONIC GX Ultimate, which offers a staggering 95 Nm of torque and weighs just 2.95 kg, and not just on paper. With this powerful motor, you can achieve maximum enjoyment from every ride and conquer even the toughest terrain. It's highly reliable and thanks to Japanese quality, it won't let you down. Its ruggedness and performance put it at the top of its class and ready to give you the ultimate riding experience. With constant support and power, it can handle even the steepest climbs. The PANASONIC GX Ultimate is a motorized unit that will give you reliable performance and support even in extreme conditions.


Torque: 95 Nm

Power: 250 W (MAX 600 W)

Weight: 2.95 Kg

Q-factor: 165.8 mm


CRUSSIS e-bikes with Panasonic GX Ultimate 95 Nm motor

GX Power Plus

Experience a new dimension of adventure on an electric bike with the PANASONIC GX Power Plus! With 75 Nm of torque and an extremely light weight of 3.2 kg, this motor is ideal for sporty mountain riding and challenging trekking trips. Whether you're traversing forest trails or gravel roads, the PANASONIC GX Power Plus will give you excellent performance and support on any surface. Breathe life into your e-bike with this cutting-edge technology!


Torque: 75 Nm

Power: 250 W (MAX 450 W)

Weight: 3.2 Kg

Q-factor: 191 mm


CRUSSIS e-bikes with Panasonic GX Power Plus 75 Nm motors

"The PANASONIC motor will get you anywhere.

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Panasonic offers a modern LCD panel with colour display, which is located on the left side of the handlebars on CRUSSIS e-bikes. This small, not only design element offers a clear and uncluttered view of all necessary riding information. It meets IPX5 protection class and is waterproof.

The display is equipped with a USB Micro-B port and a walking assist function. In addition, the display is connected to Bluetooth™, which enables the use of smartphone apps such as "Komoot" and "Strava". As a result, the driver does not have to look at the smartphone - the driving direction is directly displayed on the screen.

The display is easy to read even in sunny weather and offers a night-driving function that improves readability in the dark.




Panasonic displays offer several riding modes or assistance options to give cyclists optimal support:


NO ASSIST: the display shows all relevant data, no motor support

ECO: Efficient support for long distance riding

STANDARD: Default assistance for any terrain

AUTO: Optimal motor support depending on rider input torque (pedaling)

HIGH: Maximum engine support


Note: The reference photos were taken on an electric bike with a Panasonic GX Power Plus motor with a 900 Wh battery.

It is not possible to determine the range of an e-bike accurately because it is influenced by many factors.

  1. Route profile and surface: on flat terrain, the range is higher than on long steep climbs and worse surfaces.
  2. Weight of rider and load: higher weight of rider and load means higher energy consumption.
  3. Inflation and tyre tread: correct tyre inflation is important. Riding on under-inflated tyres reduces the range of the e-bike.
  4. Battery condition: a fully charged, new battery has a longer range than a battery that has been charged and discharged many times. The battery capacity also has an effect on the range. Higher capacity = higher range.
    Did you know that a battery reaches its maximum capacity after 5-10 charges?
  5. Assist mode: more engine assistance means less range.
  6. Driving style and smoothness: if you pedal a lot, the engine uses less power. Driving smoothly also has an impact, as frequent starting reduces range.
  7. Weather conditions: temperatures around 20°C and no wind are ideal. If the temperature is lower and there is a strong headwind, the range decreases.

Display options


Display functions

  • Current speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Average speed
  • Odometer
  • Cadence
  • Remaining driving distance
  • Driving distance
  • Assistance mode
  • Battery charge status
  • Auxiliary power indication

Setting options

  • Brightness incl. night mode
  • 10 selectable languages
    (English, German, Dutch, French, Italian,
    French, Danish, Slovak, Polish, Czech)
  • Distance (km, miles) and speed (km/h, mph) units
  • Tyre circumference
  • Total distance travelled (ODO)
  • App connection via Bluetooth 5.0


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