e-Atland 5.8

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Model 2023
e-Atland 5.8 (20)
e-Atland 5.8 (20)
e-Atland 5.8 (20)
e-Atland 5.8 (20)
e-Atland 5.8 (20)
e-Atland 5.8 (20)
e-Atland 5.8 (20)
e-Atland 5.8 (20)
e-Atland 5.8 (20)
e-Atland 5.8 (20)
e-Atland 5.8 (20)
e-Atland 5.8 (20)
e-Atland 5.8 (20)
e-Atland 5.8 (20)

Battery / Range

Height of the person

Výška postavy
Frame size Velikost rámu info

Recommended sizes of electric bikes

Height of the person Frame size
180 - 200 cm 22”
180 - 195 cm 21”
175 - 190 cm 20”
170 - 185 cm 19”
165 - 180 cm 18”
160 - 175 cm 17”
155 - 170 cm 16”
150 - 165 cm 15”
135 - 155 cm 14”
20” frame
18” frame

to 115 km

Battery capacity

468 Wh (13 Ah)

Battery capacity
Engine performance

80 Nm

Engine performance
Number of gears

1 x 8

Number of gears

Why you'll love it

We've developed the Crussis e-Atland 5.8 e-bike just for you, for your trips through the countryside, on the flats, over hills and for touring in the mountains, in places you may not have explored with your bike before. If you are looking for a model with better accessories (fork, derailleur, stronger battery...), check out the e-Atland 7.8, e-Atland 8.8 or e-Atland 9.8, which also has a better Bafang M500 motor.


Motor BAFANG Max Drive (M400)

Motor BAFANG Max Drive (M400)

Motor BAFANG Max Drive (M400)

Motor m400 with a nominal power of 250W (max 500W) perfectly balances between torque and power consumption, which is always critical for an e-bike. It offers a really high torque of up to 80 Nm while keeping consumption low. The electric motor is equipped with a torsion sensor. The motor power is regulated by a control unit that constantly evaluates how hard the rider is pedalling. The way it works is that the more power you exert while riding (pedaling), the more the motor helps you.

Battery 468 Wh (13 Ah)

Battery 468 Wh (13 Ah)

Battery 468 Wh (13 Ah)
The heart of the e-bike's power supply system is a 36V / 468 Wh (13 Ah) Li-Ion battery. The battery is capable of up to 100 km range on a single charge. However, it always depends of course on the profile of the track and how the assistance is used. Of course, the battery is equipped with a BMS board (Battery Management System) to protect it from overheating, short-circuiting or overcharging. A fully discharged battery can be charged to its full capacity in 6.5 hours.
Suspension Fork

Suspension Fork

The e-bike is equipped with a spring-suspended SUNTOUR XCT30 HLO DS 27,5" fork with 100 mm travel, which is perfectly adapted to the weight of the rider. Simply adjust the spring preload (turn the wheel clockwise to increase the preload and counterclockwise to decrease it) and the e-bike fully adapts to your weight and riding style. A well-adjusted fork then provides excellent shock absorption for off-road riding, while not "flexing" unnecessarily on flat surfaces. The suspension can be locked in place with a lock from the fork crown.
BAFANG LCD display - B/W

BAFANG LCD display - B/W

BAFANG LCD display - B/W
The black and white LCD display shows not only basic information on battery status and the level of assistance currently in use, but also other data relating to the journey (speed, distance travelled, etc.). So you can leave your bike computer at home, you won't need it anymore.

Technical specifications

Performance Ikona plus Ikona minus


to 115 km


Li-Ion 36V / 468 Wh (13 Ah)


BAFANG MAX drive (M400), center drive, 250W (max 500W), 80 Nm


BAFANG LCD panel, 5 levels of assistance, black and white display

control unit

Integrated in the engine

pedal sensor



2 A (included)


WELLGO, plastic with reflector

USB port


Walking assistant


Frame Ikona plus Ikona minus


Alu 6061- frame size 20"


SUNTOUR XCT30 HLO DS 27,5", 100 mm travel, lockable from fork,

Wheels Ikona plus Ikona minus

Wheel diameter



CRUSSIS 27,5", double walled, lined, 25mm


CRUSSIS disc, wreath bearing, 32D

front brake

SHIMANO BR-MT200 or SRAM Level, hydraulic, 180 mm rotor

rear brake

SHIMANO BR-MT200 or SRAM Level, hydraulic, 160 mm rotor


MAXXIS Ardent 27,5 x 2,4

Load capacity Ikona plus Ikona minus


The weighing of electric bikes is not done according to any established standard that all manufacturers adhere to, Some brands quote artificially reduced weights, To find out the weight of a bike, you need to have it weighed in-store,

load capacity

120 kg

Components Ikona plus Ikona minus


CRUSSIS Al, 760 mm


CRUSSIS Al, 60 mm, solid


CRUSSIS, 100% silicone

head composition

Semi 1 1/8



saddle sleeve

CRUSSIS with RU Al, black 34,9


CRUSSIS with lock, 30,4 / 400mm

Gearing Ikona plus Ikona minus

Number of gears

1 x 8


SHIMANO Acera RD-M360-L or SRAM X4, 8 speed


SHIMANO SL-M310 or SRAM X4, 8 speeds



cassette / multiwheel

Semi 1 1/8

converter and cranks

BAFANG, 38 teeth, 170 mm

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