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About us

We are a team of cycling enthusiasts. We are CRUSSIS Electrobikes s.r.o., a manufacturer 
of scooters and electric bicycles (manufacture in the Czech Republic), importer of accessories and sportswear, all under its own registered CRUSSIS brand.

CRUSSIS electrobikes s.r.o.

Our story

It all started in 2012, when we decided to prepare our first collection of electric wheels and to enter as a new brand on the Czech market. We succeeded in doing this and, under our own CRUSSIS brand, we first introduced our electric bike at the FOR BIKES trade fair in March 2013. In autumn 2013, it was possible to purchase the CRUSSIS electric car in more than 100 outlets all over the Czech Republic. For 2014, besides the new range of electrics, we expanded our range of classic bicycles, especially MTB and trekking. Bicycle production was provided by Dandy in Lanškroun at that time. As it is known, Lanskroun is the cradle of outstanding road bike racers, many of whom represented the Czech Republic and achieved great success. Here, too, there is a connection and close cooperation between CRUSSIS and the Cycle Experts on the word taken for which cycling is their life and their work is taken not only as a source of livelihood, but also as a lifetime mission! In 2015, CRUSSIS, after introducing a very successful model line, is already one of the leaders in the market of electric cars in the Czech Republic. In April 2015, we opened a new custom bicycle production line where over 35 CRUSSIS bicycle models with a capacity of 8,000 rounds each year and up to 20,000 rounds per year are currently produced. In July 2015, our much-anticipated own production of CRUSSIS scooters was launched, where the development of scooters, especially the frame design and all design details (all protected by patent), took our team for more than a year. At present, we are able to produce over 20,000 scooters a year. In 2016, we have become a full-fledged supplier to the Czech market offering electrics, bicycles and scooters. Since spring 2016, we have limited the production of bicycles and we are fully focused on producing scooters. Our team has expanded to foreign sales, and by the end of the year we have been able to export scooters to more than 8 European countries and then to the USA where we have exhibited our scooters in Las Vegas at the biggest American Interbike 2016 trade fair. By the 2017 season, we introduced a new range of electrics, where great emphasis is placed on modern designs and frame geometries that CRUSSIS electrics differ from competitors. In April, a comprehensive range of scooter and electric wheelchairs was introduced, such as helmets, sunglasses, gloves, tools, lights, locks, tachometers, bags, baskets and bottles. All under your own CRUSSIS brand in high quality and renowned designs. It was also very important to launch a complete range of functional sportswear from socks, shorts, t-shirts, jackets to hats. Everything is again under its own brand and in the highest possible quality guaranteed by production in the Czech Republic. 2018 is the year of innovation. We have expanded our fleet by two major newcomers; a carbon-mount mountain bike with a rigid frame weighing under 20 kg and a full-glide mountain electric wheel for even smoother ride in demanding terrain. The batteries are aimed at the highest quality of the articles and we integrate them into frames.Crussis is the first brand in the Czech Republic of the middle-class electric wheel that brought these fully integrated batteries. And we have a lot more to do. You have something to look forward to.

CRUSSIS electrobikes s.r.o.

Our vision

The intention of CRUSSIS is to move in the sport scooter segment. Our endeavor is that CRUSSIS scooters provide the best possible driving characteristics and therefore are and will always be precisely engineered and fitted with high-quality components to meet the demands of sporting rides for shorter but also daytime rides or long-distance riders of skillful scooters. It must offer an easy, comfortable and safe ride. That is why we use only branded components of world manufacturers such as SHIMANO, TEKTRO, SR SUNTOUR, SCHWALBE and others that guarantee high quality and long service life. Each scooter is first fully assembled in our production hall with a test of braking and all other moving parts. Until then, spread and wrapped with protective material, it is inserted into the shipping box so that it can be safely delivered to its new owner. An integral part of the modern scooter is the perfect look. We place great emphasis on this and try to create unique designs that will be appreciated not only by the owner of the scooter, but also by the other scooters and cyclists you will meet on their rides. We simply want to make such designs to turn around behind you and you are proud of your CRUSSIS scooter ... :-) Since our CRUSSIS scooters are a few of our unique inventions, from a complete design look to a technical solution to the frame and treadmills, we have our own inventions protected by patents not only for the whole of the EU but also for the US. Currently, CRUSSIS scooters can be purchased at more than 250 outlets across the Czech Republic. CRUSSIS is a team of circle enthusiasts and we want you to produce scooters that you will not only be happy with, but will be thrilled with them! Simply, as we say in our claim, "Change your life with the CRUSSIS scooter." We wish a lot of happy kilometers and a lot of fun with our scooter! The CRUSSIS team

We will help you choose the most suitable scooter or electric bike. It will change your life.

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