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Who we are


We are a team of cycling enthusiasts. We are CRUSSIS Electrobikes s.r.o., manufacturer of electric bicycles and sport kick scooters, importer of accessories and sportswear, all under our own registered brand CRUSSIS.

Our Story

Everything began in 2012, when we decided to prepare our first collection of electric bikes and enter the Czech market with our new brand. We succeeded and electric bikes of our own brand CRUSSIS were first introduced at the FOR BIKES trade fair in April 2013. In autumn 2013, CRUSSIS electric bikes were available at more than 100 points of sale across the Czech Republic.

For 2014, along with a new series of electric bikes, we expanded the offer to classic bikes, especially in the MTB and trekking categories.

In 2015, following the presentation of a very successful model series, CRUSSIS became one of the electric bike market leaders in the Czech Republic. In April 2015 we opened our own new production line for classic bikes, producing 35 models of CRUSSIS bikes with the capacity of 8,000 units per year, that could be increased up to 20,000 units per year. In July 2015, we started our eagerly awaited CRUSSIS kick scooter production line. The development of kick scooters, especially frame designs and styling details (all patent-protected) meant more than one year of work for our team. In the same year, we also presented our scooters at the German trade fair Euro Bike for the first time.

In 2016, we already became a fully fledged supplier at the Czech market, offering a wide range of electric bikes and kick scooters. We also slowly began to expand abroad. Since 2016, we reduced the production of bicycles and fully focused on kick scooters. Our team was enlarged by the department for foreign sales, and by the end of the year, we were exporting our scooters to more than 8 European countries and also to the US, where our kick scooters were exhibited at Interbike 2016, the largest American trade fair, in Las Vegas.

We started the 2017 season with a new series of electric bikes, with a strong emphasis on modern designs and frame geometries, which clearly distinguish CRUSSIS electric bikes from the competition at the market. In April, we introduced a complete selection of accessories for kick scooters and electric bikes, including helmets, sun goggles, gloves, tools, lights, locks, speedometers, bags, baskets and bottles. All bear our own CRUSSIS brand and offer high quality and attractive designs. The introduction of a complete range of functional sportswear, featuring socks, shorts, T-shirts, jackets, or hats, was also a notable step. Again, our own brand offers the highest possible quality, guaranteed by the production directly in the Czech Republic. Since autumn 2017, we have started producing the CRUSSIS electric bikes in our own production hall. In 2017, we took part in several foreign trade fairs such as ISPO - Munich, Cyclo Show Birmingham and Bike Brussels.

2018 is the year of innovation. We have expanded our fleet with two major news: carbon electric mountain bike with a rigid frame and weight of 20.9 kg and fully suspended electric mountain bike for even smoother ride in rough terrain. Batteries are aiming at using the highest quality battery cells and they are integrated in the frames. Crussis is the first brand in the Czech Republic producing electric bikes of the middle class which has brought these fully integrated batteries. We have also established an exclusive partnership with the legend of the Czech and world ice hockey Jaromír Jágr! And we plan much more! You have something to look forward to.

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Our Vision of Production

The aim of CRUSSIS is to operate in the segment of electric bicycles and sport kick scooters. We constantly try to make CRUSSIS products that provide the best riding characteristics. That is why they are and always will be constructed and fitted with the highest quality components in order to meet the demands of sports riding as well as all-day trips. At the same time, they must offer an easy, comfortable and safe ride. That is why we use only branded components of top world manufacturers such as SHIMANO, TEKTRO, SR SUNTOUR, SCHWALBE, and others to guarantee high quality and long life.

All electric bicycles and sport kick scooters are first completely professionally assembled in our production hall with the examination of the operation of the brakes, all other moving parts, and functions of the electric devices. Only then they are disassembled and packed in protective material they are placed into the transport box so that they can be safely delivered to their new owner.

Perfect look is an integral part of it. We put great emphasis on this and we are constantly trying to create unique designs that will be appreciated not only by the owner of the product, but also other scooterers and cyclists you will meet during your ride. We simply want to make such designs that will make heads turn and that will make you proud of your CRUSSIS product... :-)

CRUSSIS is a team of enthusiasts and cycling experts who have their job not only to make their living but mainly to pursue their mission in life. Therefore, we want to make such products for you that will make you not only satisfied, but excited!

We wish you many lucky miles and great fun with our electric bikes and scooters!

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