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Elastic trousers Crussis, camo

Elastic trousers Crussis, camo

Elastic trousers Crussis, camo
35.41 €
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The elastic trousers CRUSSIS are elastic pants suitable for a number of sports and fitness activities, as well as everyday use. Thanks to their tight fit, they will adjust to the shape of your body without restricting your movement. Generally, leggings are suitable for fitness exercise such as yoga and Pilates. However, they can also be used for running. Moreover, knee length pants are extremely popular. You may also appreciate the camouflage design. All in all, the elastic trousers CRUSSIS are perfect for every sports fan.
Men’s  elastic trousers
Modern design
Tight fit
Color: Camo, black, grey
Material: 80% polyester, 20% elastane
Suitable for sports, fitness and everyday use
Developed in inspirum on ecommerce platform inspishop