About us

About us

We are a team of enthusiasts passionate about cycling. We live what we do. We enjoy the satisfaction of our customers, their wishes and insights. All of this keeps us going. Starting with the first e-bikes from the 2013 season, through the current models to the e-bikes we are developing for our customers for the next seasons.
Our storyour vision.
We are CRUSSIS, Czech manufacturer of electric bikes and scooters.

Our story

Hello, my name is Petr Vkruta, I am the founder, and managing director of CRUSSIS electrobikes s.r.o. I would like to share with you the story of our brand.

First collection and our own production

We contacted several large, European and Asian e-bike manufacturers and started preparing designs for our first collection. We presented it in April 2013 at the FOR BIKES fair, where our stand was full of brand new e-bikes for everyone. Half ayear later, our e-bikes were already available in hundreds of shops across the Czech Republic and within two years CRUSSIS became amajor brand in the field of e-bikes in the Czech Republic.

In 2015, we decided that we no longer want to just buy electric bikes from big manufacturers, so we moved production to the Czech Republic. We opened our own production line in Hovorovice, near Prague. In the same year we started producing and then launched CRUSSIS scooters, which we developed and fine-tuned to the smallest detail for more than ayear.

The following year we focused mainly on scooters and in 2016 we opened asales department for foreign sales. Our scooters reached the market in eight European countries and the USA, where we exhibited at the largest American bicycle fair Interbike in Las Vegas.


We innovate and introduce carbon

New line in 2017 introduced anew range of electric bikes with new frame geometries and new modern designs. We also added arange of accessories such as helmets, goggles, gloves, tools, lights, locks, speedometers and great functional cycling clothing in colour combinations to match our electric bikes. All this is mostly produced in the Czech Republic under our brand. CRUSSIS brand.

In 2018, we moved on even further and increased our offer with two major innovations. The first was acarbon mountain e-bike with arigid frame and 20.9 kg weight. The second was afull-suspension mountain e-bike for even smoother riding in difficult terrain. In that year, we also became the first company in the country to fully integrate batteries into e-bike frames in the mid-price class.


Collaboration with Jaromr Jgr

The year 2018 was aturning point for us. Jaromr Jgr, international sports icon and hockey legend, became the face of the CRUSSIS brand. The idea of the collaboration with Jaromr started by coincidence, as Jaromr himself bought aCRUSSIS scooter and trained on it. The photo of him riding it was published in the media and then came to us, so we decided to contact Jaromr. During the first photo shoot and filming we spent awonderful day together in the Krkonoe Mountains and he fell in love with the e-bike.

This was followed by acampaign with JJ68. It was fully launched in the spring of 2019.At the FOR BIKES fair, with the presence of Jaromr Jgr, we introduced not only the limited edition e-bike Jgr 68, but also two brand new series of electric bikes. The "ten" series on BOSCH central electric motors and the "eight" series equipped with ahigher range of components.

During 2019, CRUSSIS e-bikes and scooters became well-known and in high demand throughout the Czech Republic due to the association with Jaromr Jagr and amassive TV and marketing campaign. At this moment we realized that it was necessary to increase our production capacity, otherwise we would not be able to meet our customers' demand. Therefore, we signed acontract to double our production space and we started to take on another challenge, to reach the magic milestone of 10,000 electric bikes per year. We have succeeded in doing so and in 2019 we have produced and delivered more than 15,000 CRUSSIS electric bikes to the market.


We are increasing our capacities to tens of thousands

When the COVID-19 pandemic started in March 2020, many bicycle and e-bike manufacturers started cancelling or postponing their component orders. However, we reacted in the opposite way and moved all component deliveries to earlier dates than originally planned. At the same time, we ordered all components 2 years in advance, which was ahuge risk, but we soon realized that we did the right thing. This step allowed us to secure production continuity at atime when the delivery time for most components was around 2 to 3 years.

For the 2021 model series we decided to produce over 30,000 electric bikes, however, our existing production facilities in Hovorovice were full and we knew that our plans to produce 80,000 electric bikes by 2024 would not be possible if we stayed in the existing facilities. Therefore, we decided to sign acontract for atotal of 20,000 m2 of production and storage space in the newly built modern PROLOGIS Park ڞice plant with atotal potential production capacity of up to 300,000 e-bikes per year. Therefore, we knew that we would be able to fully achieve our goal of the number of produced e-bikes and so, in the middle of 2021, we moved the whole production to ڞice and focused on fulfilling our vision.

In September 2021, together with the 2022 model range of electric bikes, we launched our new super-lightweight aluminium scooters, which we have been developing in the Czech Republic for more than two years. With new facilities, we are able to produce and deliver atotal of 54,000 e-bikes for the model range.

Foto sklad Uzice

A season full of innovation

In the 2023/2024 season, we launched new e-bikes with Japanese Panasonic motors, which give riding acompletely new dimension. At the same time, we introduced other new types of our ultralight scooters with an aluminum frame, which will expand the range of CRUSSIS scooters so that everyone can choose according to their needs.

For the 2024 model year, we are very excited to introduce several new model lines of full-suspension e-bikes that are powered by high-end BOSCH and PANASONIC motors, the highlight of which is the exclusive limited edition called LEGEND68. It is named in honor of the legendary hockey player Jaromr Jgr and, like him, leaves no room for compromise. We developed these e-bikes with apassion for technological advancement and excellence, and with this portfolio of full-suspension e-bikes we are ready for the next season.


Our vision for manufacturing

Currently we are fully focused on the production of electric bikes and sports scooters. We always want to offer our customers uncompromising quality and great riding characteristics of our products, which we achieve by using the highest quality components from global manufacturers such as SRAM, SHIMANO, BOSCH, ROCKSHOX, SR SUNTOUR, MAXXIS, SCHWALBE and others.

Our production and storage facilities

The production of all our e-bikes and scooters takes place in a completely new modern production adn storage hall with an area of 20 000 m2ڞice. The hall was built exactly according to our requirements and needs and therefore we are able to effectively use the latest production and storage technologies and thus bring even greater quality to our customer.

Careful and experienced designers

In order to ensure maximum quality, all electric bikes and scooters in our production hall are completely professionally assembled. The bikes are then partially dismantled, wrapped with protective material and placed in a shipping box so that it can be safely delivered to its new owner.

We also place great emphasis on the design and overall appearance of our e-bikes and scooters on which the whole team of designers are working. Thus, the customer gets not only a one hundred percent functional product, but also a design-tuned e-bike or scooter, of course equipped with the highest quality components in the category.

The CRUSSIS is a team of cycling enthusiasts who often have a professional cycling background. We take our work as a life mission and we are proud to say that it shows in our products. We simply enjoy working to make our customers not only happy, but excited!

You come first

But this story would never have happened if it wasn't for you! You, our dear customers, are an integral part of it, thanks to you and your support, we can do our job and strive to be better and better for you and push our boundaries as far as we can. Thank you for your support and the trust you put in us and believe us, we will try to never let you down!

We wish you many joyful kilometres, lots of fun and unforgettable experiences with CRUSSIS electric bikes and scooters!

Petr Vkruta

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