ONE ROAD 4.2-1

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The new CRUSSIS aluminium road scooter ROAD in simple design with 28×20" wheels and a weight of just 7.40 kg.

The Road model is suitable not only for racers, but for all those who like to ride fast on a scooter. The "ROAD" is a scooter for the tarmac roads and cycle paths. However, due to the low platform, it is not designed for off-road riding. The advantage is the patented design of the frame, where thanks to its high stiffness and appropriate tube profiling, the energy is not lost during rebound, but is transferred to acceleration with maximum efficiency. The short wheelbase together with the appropriately chosen head tube angle guarantees perfect handling and stability at higher speeds.

So, there's no need to wait... Put your shoes on and get going!




Aluminium frame

Specific and innovative design developed with the highest attention to the functionality of the scooter.

The conical shape of the head tube together with the optimally shaped triangular neck profile increases the frame's strength.

Ground clearance

Ground clearance

Adjustable Ground clearance

Thanks to the use of two levels on the rear fork, you can choose between a higher and lower footboard position and therefore choose the optimal ground clearance for the terrain you are going to ride.

For riding on smooth surfaces it is ideal to choose a lower ground clearance (45 mm) and for off-road riding a higher ground clearance (65 mm).

Lowering the ground clearance makes riding a scooter less physically demanding, as the standing leg is less bent on the rebound and you "squat" less when riding. That's the point!



Front tires SCHWALBE DURANO DD Perf and rear tires SCHWALBE One Perf

Neat road tires made from SpeedGrip, a natural rubber compound that allows the tyre to be inflated up to 8 bar. Thanks to the material used and the high pressure, extremely low rolling resistance and excellent traction are ensured.

The tires are also protected against punctures by a double layer of RaceGuard nylon fabric.

A reflective stripe that lights up when the spotlight shines around the entire circumference of the tyre helps to increase the rider's passive safety in lower visibility.



Single unit with the rear fork

The uniquely designed footplate is not only a nice design element, but above all a design solution that eliminates the typical fatigue cracks in scooters where the rear fork is usually welded to the footboard.

By keeping a continuous 102mm footboard width along its entire length, including the rear fork, which, along with the 65mm narrow rear hub, minimizes the scooterist's hated ankle kick on rebound.

The raised toe of the footboard ensures optimum scooter handling through the terrain; preventing the footboard from "digging" into an obstacle (terrain wave, curb, etc.) and potentially falling off




Safety and riding comfort are guaranteed by Tektro brakes with high braking power and integrated bell on the left lever, as well as comfortable silicone grips.

Technical specifications

Frame Ikona plus Ikona minus


Alu 6061


CRUSSIS fixed, Alu

Wheels Ikona plus Ikona minus

Wheel diameter

Front 28"/rear 20"


TEKTRO road brake with integrated bell in brake lever


CRUSSIS 28"/20, double wall, with insert

Front tyre

SCHWALBE DURANO DD Perf, RaceGuard 28-622 (700x28C)

Rear tyre

SCHWALBE One Perf, RaceGuard 28-406 (20x1,10“)

front hub

CRUSSIS with industrial bearings 100 mm, 20D

rear hub

CRUSSIS with industrial bearings 65 mm, 20D

Wheel diameter

Front 28"/ rear 20"

Load capacity Ikona plus Ikona minus


7,40 kg

load capacity

120 kg

Components Ikona plus Ikona minus


CRUSSIS Alu MTB, 620 mm


CRUSSIS Alu, 31,8/100 mm


CRUSSIS, 100% silicon

head composition

Ahead 1 1/8"

Dimensions Ikona plus Ikona minus


905 - 945 mm


1728 mm

Ground clearance

35 / 54 mm

Footprint length

405 mm


1152 mm

Recommendations Ikona plus Ikona minus

Driving characteristics

road ***** / terrain * / city **

For body height

145 - 190 cm

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