Crussis Accelerator lever for e-bikes

25 EUR

Acceleration lever (accelerator) for Crussis city e-bikes. Allows driving without pedaling.

Important warning:

By purchasing this product, the customer acknowledges that as a result of the additional installation of the accelerator lever on the CRUSSIS electric bike, this electric bike will no longer meet the requirements set by the ČSN EN 15194+A1 standard for bicycles with an auxiliary electric drive. According to the ČSN EN 15194+A1 standard, the auxiliary electric drive can only be active when pedaling, while without pedaling it can be deliberately activated and used only when pushing or starting up to a maximum speed of 6 km/h.

With the additional mounting of the accelerator lever, the e-bike becomes unfit for use on roads, dedicated cycle paths and routes intended exclusively for bicycles.

At the same time, the customer acknowledges that the e-bike is not designed for riding only with the use of an auxiliary electric drive, which is why excessive wear and tear of the e-bike's drive train and a significant reduction in battery life occur. Any claims from defects arising from this way of driving will therefore not be considered justified.

Note: The accelerator lever can only be mounted on city e-bikes with a drive in the rear hub.

Crussis Accelerator lever for e-bikes
25 EUR
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