Crussis Leash with shock absorber for 2 dogs over 10kg (2,5m, 2 carbines, black)

31 EUR

The leash is equipped with a shock absorber to reduce any pulling or running out of the dog. The rubber inside the strap runs the entire length of the leash. From the resting state, the shock absorber is stretched almost 2 times as much as the original resting state of the leash, even if the dog slows down, no sagging occurs. Leashes with shock absorber for large dogs are equipped with BRONZE CARABINS which do not freeze in winter (skijoring). All kinds of leashes have the main carbine sewn in the strap and the second carbine is only threaded in the ear, which is convenient for training with the dog. All our shock absorbing leashes comply with our and international racing regulations. The leashes for 2 dogs now also include a NECK LOOP (a rope clutch that has a small carbine at each end and is clipped to the dogs collars). The neck tether prevents the dogs from sideways movement.The tether is 40-45cm long and is only available in orange or black. USES : dogtrekking (dog walking) canicross (running with the dog) bikejoring (cycling with dog) skijoring (skiing, cross-country skiing with dog) scooter (riding a scooter) DESCRIPTION : Strap width: 25 mm Length when fully extended: 2,5m for 2 dogs. Carabiners: Bronze - 80 mm Material used 100% polyester machine washable up to 40°C not recommended for tumble drying
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