Spring adapter

33 EUR

Spring adapter for attaching a dog leash

CRUSSIS offers a great way to enjoy riding a scooter with your four-legged friend. You attach the adapter to the stem of all CRUSSIS scooters. The leash is tied under the handlebars and passed through the eye of the adapter at a safe distance from the front wheel, so there is no risk of it getting in your way. The adapter is recommended to be used with a leash at least 2 meters long and a quality harness for your dog. This adapter will be used by both sporty mushers and dog walkers who simply want to go on a scooter trip accompanied by their best friend.


Technical description: a sleeve with a spring prevents the lead from being pulled into the front wheel.

Material: aluminum

Compatible with all types of CRUSSIS scooters.
Photo is ilustrative only. Neither the scooter nor the leash are included in the package.
Crussis pružinový adaptér pro mushing - ilustrační foto
Spring adapter
33 EUR
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